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Gridipedia is a repository for software components and technical and business reports relating to Grid computing. It is populated with both the results of public and private research, as well as commercial information.

Gridipedia has a software download area, a case study library, a section dealing with business and legal aspects of Grid computing, and another discussing various technical areas, an introduction to Grid computing, including videos and a grid computing glossary.

Gridipedia is open to contributions from the Grid community. If you have suitable material, such as technical reports, software, product profiles and case studies, please consider submitting them to us through the website.


FP6 Grid Research Projects

FP6 PROJECTS IN F2 - Call 2 and Call 3 
Project AcronymProject coordinatorwebsite
Geleyn Meijer 
Mallmann Daniel
Gomez-Perez Asuncion
Schneider Géry
Unger Steffen
Turk Ziga
Dubitzky  Werner
Ibbotson John
Thole Clemens-August
Parsons Mars / Wray Francis
Sanchez Antonio
Le Dantec Bruno
Le Dantec Bruno

FP6 PROJECTS IN F2 - Call 5 and Call 6

Project AcronymProject coordinatorwebsite
Ristol Santi
 Sanchez Antonio
 Varvarigou Theodora
 Hluchy Ladislav
 Gonzalez Jaime
 Malfetti Paolo
 Toni Francesca
 Kao Odej
 Bala Piotr
 Fahringer Thomas
 Kornmayer Harald
 Sarris Nikos
 Krishnaswamy Ruby
Patricia Ho-Hune
 Altmann Jörn
 Massonet Philippe
 Ould-Saada Farid
 Robinson Stephen
Neumann Dirk
Welzl Michael
Bierdümpel Eckart
Le Dantec Bruno
 not yet available

European Community for Software & Software Services (ECSS)

 The project 3S will support the goals of the IST Priority in developing a Joint European White Paper for R&D and Industry in the Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering field. The aim is to push the involvement of the EU to a competitive position worldwide by identifying strategies and technologies that will facilitate future developments and reduce fragmentation. With the creation of ECSS (European Community for Software & Software Services – Architectures, Infrastructures, Engineering) 3S establishes a platform for networking and knowledge transfer between the relevant scientific and industrial communities and for jointly pursuing the interests of the stakeholders in the field of IST.

Project website: / Project e-mail:

Project Coordinator
Pilar de Miguel
Tel: +34 915774014
Fax: +34 915762037


Single System Image Operating Systems


Women and Science

Europe desperately needs more researchers to achieve scientific and technological excellence and to reach the Lisbon goal of becoming the world's most competitive knowledge-based economy. As women are currently under-represented in the field of scientific research, the Commission is promoting measures specifically aimed at encouraging women to take part in European research.

The XtreemOS project proposal and annex1 include a Gender Action Plan to heed the call of the European Union’s directorate on research to promote women in science.

As part of this GAP, you will find below links to relevant national and international websites/networks about the role of women in science:

  • European Commission's webpage about Gender Equality: click here
  • She Figures 2006 report: Women and Science, Statistics and Indicators: click here
  • UK resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology: click here