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First public release: Download XtreemOS!

The XtreemOS European project is happy to announce the first public version of the XtreemOS Grid Operating System.

XtreemOS RC1 is the result of a combined 2 years-long effort by XtreemOS members from 19 academic and industrial partners.

The main features in this release are listed hereafter:

  •  Submit, check and control jobs,
  •  Distributed management of jobs: no global job scheduler,
  •  Complete file system functionality,
  •  Manage the Virtual Organizations' full lifecyle,

For installation instructions and more details on these features, click here where the release notes are available.

Your feed-back on this early version of the XtreemOS Grid OS will be highly appreciated.


XtreemOS at SC'08 and ICT2008

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Last weeks were quite hectic for XtreemOS in terms of communication, dissemination and visibility: we had a booth at SC'08 and another one at IC2008 event.

It was the first time XtreemOS had a stand-alone booth at Supercomputing conference (last year, XtreemOS was hosted on INRIA's booth) and our first participation in an ICT event too.

It was a great success and XtreemOS attracted plentiful visitors interested in learning more about the project and who wanted to have further technical explanations about our soon-to-be-released open source software suite.
The smooth running of demos also greatly contributed to the attractiveness of the XtreemOS exhibition spaces.
SC’08 - Austin
This was also a welcome opportunity to meet other communities and key persons from the Linux-, OS- and open source communities...and maybe initiate collaborations / joint investigations!

We were happily surprised to know that most of the visitors had already heard of XtreemOS before coming to these events!

ICT 2008 - Lyon

An obvious constatation: the external world is eagerly waiting for the first XtreemOS public software release...and they will quickly be lucky ;-)

Next XtreemOS booth: ISC'08 (June 2009) and SC'09 (November 2009) - Mark your calendar!


Flashback: XtreemOS at OGF24

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Open Grid Forum

We presented and demonstrated XtreemOS at OGF24 in Singapore, which was
co-located with GridAsia 2008 this time (September 15-19, 2008).

OGF24 - Singapore

At our booth, we had info material about XtreemOS and XtreemFS and a poster stand. The booth produced some interest in XtreemOS; about 30 visitors came around and informed themselves, mainly from the area around Singapore, but also from the US, Europe and other places.

We are confident that the booth helped us to promote XtreemOS and to make it more visible to the rest of the world.


SC'08 - Come and visit us at XtreemOS booth!

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The SC Conference is the premier international conference for high performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis. SC'08 marks the 20th anniversary of the first SC Conference, then called Supercomputing, held in Orlando, Florida in 1988.

The XtreemOS project will be present at SC'08 in booth n°3019


A delegation of researchers from the consortium will showcase XtreemOS: the project and its current achievements will be presented, especially the last advancements and demos of the first system software (to be released in the coming days).


Participants: Christine Morin (INRIA), Yvon J├ęgou (INRIA), Oscar D. Sanchez (INRIA), Sylvain Jeuland (INRIA), Pierre Riteau (INRIA), Jeff Napper (VUA).

Dates: November 15-21, 2008

Location: Austin Convention Center - Austin, Texas



XtreemOS paper at PDCS 2008

  Florian Mueller (UDUS) presented the paper "Transactional Data Sharing in Grids" related to the XtreemOS Object Sharing Service (OSS), at the IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems in Orlando, USA.



"Transactional Data Sharing in Grids" - M.-F. Mueller, K.-T. Moeller, M. Sonnenfroh, M. Schoettner (UDUS)



Paper abstract: "The EU-funded XtreemOS project implements a Linux-based grid operating system (OS), exploiting resources of virtual organizations through the standard POSIX interface.
The Object Sharing Service (OSS) of XtreemOS addresses the challenges of transparent data sharing for distributed applications running in grids. We focus on the problem of handling consistency of replicated data in wide area networks in the presence of failures. The software architecture we propose interweaves concepts from transactional memory and peer-to-peer systems. Speculative transactions relieve programmers from complicated lock management.
Super-peer-based overlay networks improve scalability and distributed hash tables speed up data search. OSS replicates objects to improve reliability and performance. In case of severe faults, the XtreemOS grid checkpointing service will support OSS. In this paper we describe the software architecture of OSS, design decisions, and evaluation results of preliminary experiments with a multi-user 3D virtual world. "