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Presentation of XtreemOS in Kiberpipa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

On April 14th XLAB made an XtreemOS training session in the Kiberpipa slot. Marjan Sterk and Matej Artač presented the XtreemOS project and its goals, and demonstrated its usage from the perspective of a VO administrator, a resource administrator, and a VO user.

The audience consisted of Linux users, who showed interest in the project's results.

Kiberpipa - Xlab

The video of the presentation (in Slovenian) is available here.

(Source: wikipedia) -  Kiberpipa ('Cyberpipe') is a hackerspace in Ljubljana, Slovenia, established in 2001 as a part of the K6/4 Institute.

The hackerspace operates as a cultural centre, computer laboratory and Internet café (with free wireless access). Kiberpipa engages primarily in open source programming and the recycling of computer devices.
It organises workshops, lectures, and entertainment and information events.



XtreemOS at EuroSys2009

At the Eurosys2009 conference, Kim-Thomas Moeller from Universitaet Duesseldorf presented XtreemOS's object sharing service in a work-in-progress talk and during the poster session (pdf). The object sharing service addresses the problem of managing shared states in distributed and parallel applications. It aims at simplifying the development of grid applications by abstracting from access location, replica management, data consistency, and fault tolerance.

 Eurosys09  poster session - Courtesy of Wanja Hofer

EuroSys2009 poster session - Courtesy of Wanja Hofer

XtreemOS was also represented by Guillaume Pierre from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who presented the "Highly Available and Scalable Grid Services" (pdf) at WDDDM and Christine Morin from INRIA who gave an invited talk at HPCVirt ("Virtualization in XtreemOS Distributed Operating System: Requirements and Opportunities").

Eurosys2010 will be located in Paris, with XtreemOS's project leader Christine Morin as the conference's general chair.

Christine Morin and Gilles Muller, respectively general chair and PC chair for EuroSys2010

Christine Morin and Gilles Muller will be EuroSys2010 general chair and PC chair respectively

- Courtesy of Wanja Hofer


XtreemOS-MD first release available!

The Mobile Device Flavor of XtreemOS (aka. XtreemOS-MD) has been recently released and it is available for downloading and testing from Mandriva repositories under the directory devel/xtreemos/2008.0/mobile.

The XtreemOS-MD software distribution is our first released implementation XtreemOS project for Mobile Devices, which integrates the Grid client functionality in Mobile Devices. The most important features are:

  • Grid available out of the box: the installation is as simple as a single click on a Web page and no user configuration is required, only your username and password for the Grid.
  • Grid login uses a plug-able, Single-Sign-On system. Login may be manual or automatic.
  • Automounting of the home Grid filesystem volume when user logs-in the Grid.
  • User may launch processes in the Grid.
  • User may run applications compliant with SAGA API (further work is needed for complete support)

XtreemOS-MD is currently available for two platforms:

  • Nokia N800 and Nokia 810 Internet Tablets running Maemo 2008 distribution.
  • Angstrom 2007.12 (currently, the last stable version until the date of publication of XtreemOS-MD, 2008/02/28) running in a Qemu emulator.

Installation is easier in Maemo 2008 (i.e. Nokia N8x0), because the platform provides the
functionality of "click to install" without needing to login as root in your mobile device. In Angstrom, installation requires to download and execute an installation script as root on top of a QEMU emulator.


General Technical Meeting in Amsterdam

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From March 23rd to 27th, we held our sixth general meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We had about 50 XtreemOS members (senior researchers, PhD students, engineers, students...) in attendance at Vrije Universiteit, our Dutch host.

GTM - Amsterdam (2)

GTM - Amsterdam

The "rallying cry" of this general meeting was the preparation of the second software release of the XtreemOS system, closing ranks around the next release candidate and working together towards an improved system with advanced features and an easier installation and configuration process.
This week gathering was divided into several slots dedicated to internal workpackage meetings, cross-workpackage meetings and joint sessions on common research topics and shared interests (checkpointing, virtualization, cloud computing...), tutorial (security services, packaging...) and of course plenary sessions (software roadmap, demonstration activities...) when XtreemOS brains were intensively "boiling" ;-)

XtreemOS also took the opportunity of this Dutch week to meet a delegation of representatives from the S-Cube and Reservoir projects: this aimed at making mutual general presentations of the three projects, investigate potential areas of collaboration and identify contact persons to coordinate collaboration activities.

No need to say that this general technical meeting was, once again, intense and frantic but definitely productive and exciting too!

A friendly social event allowed all our hard workers to relax first during a tour boat on the canal of Amsterdam then in an Indonesian restaurant...ideal to pep every one up! :-)

GTM Amsterdam (3)



Get acquainted with the XtreemOS partners: EADS

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Created in July 2000, European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company is Europe's premier aerospace and defense company and No. 2 worldwide. EADS employs more than 100,000 people in over 70 sites in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

EADS logo

Within EADS, Innovation Works provides world-class research capabilities in main aeronautics research topics. It has acquired a wide knowledge of advanced simulations techniques, especially in the field of wave propagation phenomena. It has a huge experience in the integration of such analysis techniques in industrial distributed environment from defining strategies and policies inside an organization to setting up user oriented portals for day-to-day operations.

EADS plane

In XtreemOS, EADS Innovation Works will bring a scientific application widely used in its business units. The application is used to model and perform various analyses such as electromagnetic compatibility analysis or antenna siting analysis. As such EADS will be an active partner in the testing, experimentation and validation of this new high performance platform. Experimentations will be carried out on various clusters including internal resources and the XtreemOS test beds. Participating to this project, EADS is preparing the answer to the growth of simulation requirements of its various business units (Airbus, Eurocopter, …).