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EuroSys 2010


XtreemOS Mobile Device flavour at EuroSys 2010

Alvaro Martinez Reol (TID) presented the XtreemOS MD flavour during the EuroSys 2010 conference (Paris, France) with a poster, demo and stand.


EuroSys 2010 - MD flavour

About 30 people came and visited the stand and both the poster and demo were explained directly to around 15. Conference delegates stopping at the XtreemOS stand seemed to be quite interested, not only in the MD part, but also in learning more about XtreemOS as a whole and about specific XtremOS components (XtreemFS, XtreemOS cluster flavour, use cases...).

Other visitors showed interest in XtreemOS and its possible advantages compared to other Grid solutions while others came to see the poster and GridPlayer video after they participated in the XtreemOS tutorial session.

Feedback on the XtreemOS tutorial given at Eurosys 2010

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The XtreemOS tutorial given at EuroSys 2010 consisted of three parts. The first part, presented by Guillaume Pierre (VUA), gave an overview of the system and of its architecture, introducing the VO management model, XtreemFS and the Application Execution Management system. The second part focused on the usage of XtreemOS, showing how the command-line and GUI tools can be used to execute applications and  to store data in a distributed fashion; the speaker for this part was Corina Stratan (VUA).  In the last part of the tutorial, Massimo Coppola (CNR) presented concepts related to the administration and security of XtreemOS, and explained how resources and Virtual Organizations can be managed.

EuroSys 2010 - tutorial (1)     EuroSys 2010 - tutorial (2)

The tutorial had approximately 25 participants, and some of them were interested in learning more about XtreemOS. From the questions asked during the tutorial, and also from the discussions that we had after the tutorial with some of the participants,  the aspects of interest were:
- what modules are needed by the XtreemOS kernel, and if there are any requirements for the other XtreemOS components
- if it is possible to package the XtreemOS components for other Linux distributions
- if it is possible to use XtreemOS with a custom job scheduler
- more details about the implementation of the XtreemOS components
- what are the applications used on top of XtreemOS
- in the case when a resource belongs to multiple VOs, how are the multiple certificates managed
- when a user submits a job, how does the system find resources that meet the requirements and that also allow the user to run applications


Eurosys Doctoral Workshop - Deadline: February 14

The submission deadline for the Eurosys Doctoral Workshop is the 14th of February 2010. The workshop is co-located with Eurosys in Paris.

The web page is at

Here is a brief description from the organizers:

"The doctoral workshop, which will take place on the day before the main EuroSys 2010 program, will provide a forum for PhD students to present their work and receive constructive feedback from experts in the field as well as from peers. Technical presentations will be augmented with general advice and discussions about getting a PhD, doing research, and post-doctoral careers. We invite applications from PhD students at any stage of their doctoral studies, and plan to have about 30 attendees."