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Kerrighed technology


Kerrighed rc for XtreemOS

A Kerriged 3.0 release candidate is available at

Changes are the following:
   * [kernel] Port to linux 2.6.30
   * Add various options to checkpoint and restart
   * Add tools ipccheckpoint and ipcrestart to help checkpoint/restart of applications using IPC objects
   Kerrighed containerization
   * [kernel] Run Kerrighed in a Linux container
   * New tools krgboot[_helper] and krginit[_helper] to run Kerrighed in a Linux container
   * Fully automatic cluster boot
   Kerrighed hotplug
   * [kernel] Experimental support for adding nodes to a live cluster
   * New krgadm semantics:
     * kill commands 'cluster start' and 'wait_start',
     * make command 'nodes add' the default way to build a cluster

   * [kernel] Support migration of X connections
   * [kernel] Many bugfixes in socket migration
   * [kernel] Support migration / remote fork of chrooted applications
   * [kernel] Many migration fixes
   * Remove limitation on number of concurrent executions in KTP


XtreemOS at Linux Symposium

The Linux Symposium was held at Montreal, Canada, from July 13th to July 17th.


John Mehnert-Spahn (UDUS) gave a technical presentation of 45 minutes on his work "Incremental Checkpointing for Grids" on July 15th. John explained the motivation behind incremental checkpoint and its implementation in Linux SSI as well as its integration in XtreemOS. There was much interest in the implementation of incremental checkpoint. 

Linux Symposium 2009 - John

On 17th July Surbhi Chitre (INRIA) held a BOFs session for XtreemOS. She explained why XtreemOS is attractive and how it is a complete solution for grids. She also explained her work of integrating OpenVZ in XtreemOS, why it was chosen and the challenges in doing so. In her talk, she also gave a brief introduction to XtreemFS features. This was followed by a presentation by Louis Rilling of Kerlabs of Kerrighed Clusters which is supported by XtreemOS.

Linux Symposium 2009 - Surbhi