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XtreemOS video tutorials

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Two XtreemOS video tutorials are now available online!

The tutorials can teach you the basics of using XtreemOS and performing administrative tasks in an XtreemOS grid, so that you do not have to start with reading the manuals.

  • The first tutorial teaches XtreemOS from the user's point of view,
  • The second tutorial is about easy and secure grid configuration wth XtreemOS operating system.


Feedback on the XtreemOS tutorial given at Eurosys 2010

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The XtreemOS tutorial given at EuroSys 2010 consisted of three parts. The first part, presented by Guillaume Pierre (VUA), gave an overview of the system and of its architecture, introducing the VO management model, XtreemFS and the Application Execution Management system. The second part focused on the usage of XtreemOS, showing how the command-line and GUI tools can be used to execute applications and  to store data in a distributed fashion; the speaker for this part was Corina Stratan (VUA).  In the last part of the tutorial, Massimo Coppola (CNR) presented concepts related to the administration and security of XtreemOS, and explained how resources and Virtual Organizations can be managed.

EuroSys 2010 - tutorial (1)     EuroSys 2010 - tutorial (2)

The tutorial had approximately 25 participants, and some of them were interested in learning more about XtreemOS. From the questions asked during the tutorial, and also from the discussions that we had after the tutorial with some of the participants,  the aspects of interest were:
- what modules are needed by the XtreemOS kernel, and if there are any requirements for the other XtreemOS components
- if it is possible to package the XtreemOS components for other Linux distributions
- if it is possible to use XtreemOS with a custom job scheduler
- more details about the implementation of the XtreemOS components
- what are the applications used on top of XtreemOS
- in the case when a resource belongs to multiple VOs, how are the multiple certificates managed
- when a user submits a job, how does the system find resources that meet the requirements and that also allow the user to run applications


XtreemOS tutorial at OGF28

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"Easing Application Execution in Grids with XtreemOS Operating System"

This tutorial presents XtreemOS Grid system from the user point of view. Its goal is to show why XtreemOS is a system of choice for Grid users who want to easily execute their applications while taking advantage of advanced features for job management. We show what can be done with XtreemOS with regards to application execution, how it can be done and how the available features are implemented. Demonstrations will be presented throughout the tutorial.

Target audience: Grid users, Grid application developers, Grid system and middleware designers

Session leaders: Christine Morin (INRIA), Yvon Jégou (INRIA), Toni Cortes (BSC), Michael Schöttner (Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf)

Session agenda

- Overview of XtreemOS
- Dynamic resource discovery for job execution
- Resource management
        - Resource selection
        - Resource reservation
        - Resource (co-)allocation
- Job Management
    - Job control
    - Job dependency management
    - Job monitoring & auditing
    - Support for interactive applications
    - Examples of job execution
        - Workflow
        - MPI applications
- Reliable job execution
    - XtreemOS-GCP checkpointing service for distributed applications
        - Integration of different checkpointer packages
        - Generic callbacks for application-level optimizations
        - Channel checkpointing with heterogenous checkpointer packages
- Executing SAGA applications on XtreemOS

Event date and location

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Munich, Germany
March 15-19, 2010

More information:


XtreemOS tutorial at EuroSys 2010

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In April 2010 XtreemOS will have a half-day tutorial at the EuroSys conference.

We'll present and demonstrate the main features of XtreemOS, reflecting the progress that has been made with the last release.

We are welcoming users and developers of distributed applications, and also Grid system administrators, to participate to this tutorial. The attendees will learn how to use XtreemOS for executing and developing complex applications, for storing distributed data and for managing virtual organizations in a simple way. We hope everybody will enjoy discovering XtreemOS!

The tutorial will be presented by: Corina Stratan (VUA), Massimo Coppola (CNR) and Guillaume Pierre (VUA).

More details on the conference web site: