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virtual node


New demo available online: virtual nodes

We are pleased to announce that we have a new demo video online: Virtual Nodes.

This video shows how an e-mail server can be replicated with Virtual Nodes and demonstrates fault tolerance by switching off individual replicas.

Watch this video now!

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Get acquainted with one XtreemOS partner: Ulm University (UULM)

Ulm University is located in the southern part of Germany. It was founded in 1967 and is therefore a rather young university. Nowadays there are about 7 000 students with main subjects in medicine, natural sciences, mathematics, economics, engineering and computer sciences. The computer science department has about 20 professors doing research and teaching in all major areas of computer science. Ulm University is partner of XtreemOS with the Aspectix Research Team as part of the Institute for Distributed Systems. The team and its 7 researchers are working on multimedia platforms, middleware systems for adaptive applications and fault tolerance.



UULM contribution to XtreemOS


  • Virtual Nodes

The main task of UULM in XtreemOS is the development of a fault tolerance infrastructure called Virtual Nodes that can be used for