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Here we demonstrate, on one hand, use-cases with applications running on top of XtreemOS, and on the other hand, how XtreemOS and some of its components work from the technical point of view.

Other use-cases

Other use-cases demonstrate that XtreemOS supports a wide range of applications. They are primarily intended for people interested in respective fields.


SpecWeb2005 is a web server benchmarking framework. The server's throughput, response time, and QoS compliance can be measured on static and dynamic content. The benchmark load is provided by a distributed set of clients running on an XtreemOS grid. This demo shows a typical benchmarking session - deploying an E-commerce web application, setting up and submitting XtreemOS-based client processes, running the benchmark, and finally reading the results that SpecWeb2005 has stored to XtreemFS.

hmmpfam/COMP Superscalar

hmmpfam is a protein sequence analysis application that has been parallelized using COMP Superscalar, a framework for exploiting the inherent parallelism of applications when running them on the Grid. The demo shows hmmpfam running on XtreemOS with the COMP Superscalar running on one grid node and two worker tasks on two other nodes.

The rest of test applications

XtreemOS is also being evaluated with a great variety of applications that have been or are being ported to XtreemOS. Some of these applications are listed here.

The respective demonstrations will be published here as soon as they are available.