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Tutorials and Demonstrational Screencasts

The XtreemOS tutorials and demonstrational screencasts are the quickest way to learn more about XtreemOS.

XtreemOS Guides


The XtreemOS wiki is where you'll get all the latest technicals informations, like various F.A.Q. and tutorials.

Learn more about XtreemOS

To learn more about XtreemOS you may read the about page. To learn how XtreemOS works in details, consult the numerous scientific publications about XtreemOS.


If you encounter a blocking problem, you can easily get support from the XtreemOS project and its community of users and developers via the mailing lists, the developers' IRC and the bug tracker.

Mailing lists

Much of the interaction in the XtreemOS project and community takes place in mailing lists.

  • Users mailing list that is used to provide technical support, to share experiences and discuss about the XtreemOS system. It can be a high-traffic mailing list. This is the mailing list where you should address your support requests.

  • Developers mailing list that is used by developers to discuss on the XtreemOS development issues and projects.
  • Announces-only mailing list that receives only announcements of new updates and developments of the XtreemOS software, as well as notifications on major events in the life of XtreemOS project. It is a low-traffic mailing list.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

  • For realtime discussion, you are welcome to join and hang out with XtreemOS developers and users on #xtreemos-dev

Bug Tracker / Feature Requests

XtreemOS Bug Tracker is the best place for reporting bugs and requesting new features.