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Release notes

Main changes for version 3 (since version 2.1)

  • Mandriva is replaced by OpenSUSE as the main Linux distribution supported
  • XtreemFS has been updated from version XtreemFS 1.2.3 to XtreemFS 1.3.1
  • XtreemOS OpenSSH is now a customized version of OpenSSH 5.9p1 OpenSUSE package
  • Global certification update in XtreemOS Java's components to match latest OpenSSL and Bouncycastle 1.49
  • DIXI Monitoring services improvements
  • A significant number of bug fixes improving most of the components
  • The support team (whose size is limited) focuses on sustainability and accessibility of core functionalities, thus we're not supporting those components any more:
    • Mobile Devices, or XtreemOS-MD
    • SAGA connectors, or XOSAGA
    • Checkpointing, including BLCR
    • Virtual Nodes, or dixi-aem-vnodes
    • Kerrighed and LinuxSSI

Main changes for version 2.1 (since version 2.0)

  • A new configuration tool: improved installer with the new xosautoconfig tool to greatly simply and automate installation of XtreemOS instances.
  • A number of high impact bug fixes, along with work on stability and correctness.
  • A new version of XtreemFS: XtreemFS 1.2, which has a number of new features along with enhanced performance and stability.
  • XtreemOS-MD (Mobile Device): this new version integrates XtreemOS on Internet Tablets, beginning with the Nokia N8xx.  This makes it possible to launch jobs and interact with XtreemOS resources via a zero configuration client.
  • Virtual Nodes suppport: a framework to provide fault tolerance for grid applications by replicating them over multiple nodes. 
  • SAGA compliant applications support through XOSAGA.