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New deliverables released!

A set of new scientific deliverables was due at M46 (end of March 2010).

These deliverables are public and they are now available for download here.

List of public deliverables due at M46

The deliverables that are already available are in bold character - the other deliverables are still under finalisation and will be published in the coming weeks.

  • D2.2.11 - Final prototype of LinuxSSI 
  • D3.1.10 - Overview of XOSAGA programming interfaces
  • D3.2.16 - Final release of highly available and scalable grid services
  • D3.2.17 - Distributed XtreemOS infrastructure (DIXI)
  • D3.3.7 - Prototype with advanced features in AEM
  • D3.4.7 - Final release of XtreemFS and OSS
  • D3.5.16 - 3rd prototype implementation of security and VO services
  • D3.6.6 - XtreemOS-G for MD/MP
  • D4.1.24 - Public release of XtreemOS 2.1