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Linux Magazin - XtreemFS 1.0 ist fertig

August 2009 - German

Das XtreemFS-Projekt hat Version 1.0 seines verteilten, replizierten Dateisystem veröffentlicht. Neu ist unter anderem ein nativer Windows-Client


Vnunet TV - XtreemOS: Pousser le Grid Computing jusqu'à ses limites

April 2009 - French

Solutions Linux :  le vice-président R&D de Mandriva présente ce projet européen qui mixte un OS spécial Grid et les ressources sur les clusters, les postes de travail et les terminaux mobiles...(more)



Internation Science Grid This Week (iSGTW 16 January 2008 )

XtreemOS: a Linux-based operating system to support next-generation grids


While grids allow organizations to significantly increase their computational power, they can also threaten to be a significant headache. That’s where it can help to have an operating system designed to keep things simple.
“Tools developed for grid use, like the Globus Toolkit, can be demanding and complex,” explains Christine Morin of INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique in France, “especially because they are based on operating systems that are not designed to manage distributed and versatile resources.”
Morin is the scientific coordinator of XtreemOS, a four-year research project that aims to develop a grid operating system to simplify the usage, management and programming of grids...(more)


TooLinux - XtreemOS : ’Linux pour les grilles du futur’

December 2007 - French

Lancé en juin 2006, le projet XtreemOS vise à concevoir, réaliser et promouvoir un système d’exploitation fondé sur Linux pour les grilles du futur. Le projet est financé en partie par l’Union européenne...(more)


OGF Newsletter - XtreemOS becomes a silver member

June 2007


Grid Today - XtreemOS hopes to challenge Globus dominance

May 24, 2007

As Europe pursues its goal of becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, it is seeking to develop the infrastructure needed to power the next generation of grid technologies. (...)

One project the EU is funding under its Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) is XtreemOS, the objective of which is to design and promote an open source operating system that will support virtual organizations...(more)


01Informatique - 78 millions d'euros pour l'informatique distribuée européenne

September 29, 2006 - French

Le grid reste une priorité de la recherche en Europe. Pour preuve, les 78 millions d'euros que la Commission européenne vient d'affecter à 23 nouveaux projets de recherche dans le cadre du sixième programme cadre pour la R&D (PCRD). La Commission soutient surtout trois initiatives, en leur allouant près de la moitié des fonds.(...)

Enfin, 14,2 millions sont affectés à un projet d'infrastructure supervisé par l'Inria : XtreemOS sera un véritable système d'exploitation de grid. Pour l'heure, en général, des middlewares - tel l'américain Globus - se chargent de la gestion de l'environnement distribué...(more)

EC press release - Commission grants €78 million to tailor grid technology and services to EU business needs


September 18, 2006

The European Commission will launch tomorrow in Brussels 23 new research projects on "Grid" technologies with a total EU funding of €78 million. Grid technologies work by linking up thousands of computers and devices dynamically, to provide information processing power on demand, and more flexibly and cheaply than ever before. For several years already, EU-funded research in this area has been helping European industry to deliver high quality, competitive goods and services in, the automotive, aeronautics, financial, pharmaceutical and media sectors...(more)


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