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First XtreemOS challenge

Demonstrate your Application running on XtreemOS Grid OS and win €1,000!

How to apply

The contest is open to any researcher, enginner, PhD and M.Sc. students (from any institution). Submissions of individual and group work are accepted.

Registering for the XtreemOS challenge is a three step action:

  1. Submission of a contest entry

Participants are expected to submit a short (2 to 4 pages) description of their intended entry in the contest:

  • a short presentation of the participant(s),

  • a short description of the application to be demonstrated, preferrably with screenshots,explaining which XtreemOS features it will use and how it will take advantage of the XtreemOS system,

  • an overview of how the application will be run on XtreemOS.

Contest entries must be submitted by May 31, 2010 to

  1. Preparation of the draft video demonstration

If your entry is selected, you will get an account for the Grid5000 platform to make large-scale experiments ( will also be able to access the open XtreemOS testbed.

Participants will get support from our XtreemOS experts (wiki, mailing-list, IRC etc.).

Ready-to-run XtreemOS virtual machine images will be available for experiments on Grid5000.


Instructions for preparing your video demo:

  • keep the video short and engaging (videos longer than 10 minutes  will not be considered),

  • Use an external microphone if you have one (better sound quality) and reduce background noise as much as possible,

  • Briefly explain the who, what, where and why of your demonstration,

  • Make your demo as visual and interactive as possible.

  • Upload your video to YouTube, include “XtreemOS challenge” in your tag list and send the link to

Draft video demonstrations must be submitted by July 16, 2010 including a link to the YouTube video and a short presentation of the demo (ppt or pdf format).

  1. Finalizing the video

A short list of finalists will be selected and invited to submit the final version of their video. The finalists will also have to present their demos at the 2nd XtreemOS summit co-located with the Euro-Par 2010 conference on August 30, 2010 in Ischia-Naples, Italy. The winner(s) of the contest will be announced there.