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XtreemOS 2.1 is available for downloading!


  • Creation and management of dynamic virtual organizations The security infrastructure includes a set of services that guarantee the secure operation of the system, providing management of credentials, permissions and resources.
  • Application execution management AEM is able to search available nodes that fulfill the application needs from within a large number of candidates and then execute the application on the selected nodes. AEM provides job and resource monitoring so that users can get a Linux-like view of their applications. A new experimental feature in this release is the ability to run interactive jobs such as graphical applications unmodifed; harnessing the power of a Grid system. In addition, there is a new graphical tool for editing and managing job submissions. Lasty, grid checkpointing and job migration has been integrated into this version.
  • XtreemFS is a replicated and distributed object-based file system. It allows scaling an installation by adding machines with free storage resources. It offers striping of files over multiple storage servers for high performance parallel access. Furthermore, it supports automated mounting of home volumes.
  • XOSAGA programming interface The XOSAGA API is built using the Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) standard from the Open Grid Forum (OGF). It provides access to XtreemOS resources and services.
  • Xosautoconfig is a new tool included in the distribution, which assists Grid administrators and other users to quickly deploy XtreemOS nodes on Virtual Machines, Grids and test beds.

Two flavours of XtreemOS are available in XtreemOS 2.0 release:

  • XtreemOS for laptops, desktops and servers,
  • XtreemOS for clusters, based on the Kerrighed technology and providing Single-System Image for the grid. 



XtreemOS is based on the Mandriva 2009.0 Linux distribution, and can be easily installed from a CD.

Download XtreemOS 2.1: here

The XtreemOS 2.0 RedFlag Asianux Version is based on RedFlag Asianux 3.0SP2. 

Download XtreemOS 2.0: here

Download ready-to-use XtreemOS 2.1 virtual machine images for VirtualBox and KVM from here


Admin's guide for XtreemOS 2.1

User's guide for XtreemOS 2.1


Join the community

You can check the XtreemOS project at InriaGForge, or directly email us for joining the community.



XtreemOS is Open Source Software and is licensed under GPLv2 and BSD licenses.