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 These are genuine some testimonials that have been sent in by users.

“I am very excited about the XtreemOS set of tools and how they integrate fundamental capabilities for distributed computing at the system level. Capabilities such as virtual organizations and distributed file system support are applicable across many different types of distributed computing infrastructures, e.g., grids, clouds, and what will come next.  This is an important step towards maturity for any computing technology.”

Dr. Craig Lee, OGF President


"With the advent of cloud computing users will increasingly turn to remote resources for their computing needs. This means that technologies designed to operate in a distributed environment - like XtreemOS - are bound to gain in popularity and importance."

 Dr Kate Keahey, scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and Computation Institute fellow at the University of Chicago - Nimbus project leader.


 "XtreemOS is a very promising technology: it allows the creation and management of highly scalable systems of both physical and virtual machines seamlessly providing Grid services and functionalities for the deployment of large distributed network infrastructures. XtreemOS represents a new and interesting approach to Grid: it's open source, has native support for VOs and can run on a wide range of underlying platforms."

Domenico Dato, Research and Development Manager, Tiscali SpA


“It is not a trivial exercise to understand the biology that is contained in results from modern genomics studies that are often massively parallel and thus yield large amounts of data. Useful data analyzes can only occur if we combine those large amounts of experimental data with what we already know. That calls for extensive data treatment of experimental data and restructuring of existing knowledge from data bases and obtained through text mining. Those exercises oftentimes reach the limits of what can be done on single systems. The solution that is often advocated is to run the same tasks on parallel systems: clusters and grids. But that turned out not to be trivial in practice. Preparation of data processing procedures to run on parallel systems takes so much human time that it is simply not worth it. XtreemOS promises to automate that preparation as well, to run in parallel without the user needing to know how. That is exactly what is needed in modern systems biology approaches.”

Dr. Chris Evelo, Director of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research Group,
Maastricht University (The Netherlands)


”The Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) has a distributed bioinformatics and data sharing infrastructure spanning member institutions across Europe and one NuGO member in Boston, USA. NuGO has funded a proof of concept project to evaluate Kerrighed, XtreemOS and XtreemFS to improve our existing first-generation virtual organisation's infrastructure. A prototype NBX (NuGO Black Box) Kerrighed SSI cluster was built as part of the proof of concept project at:

Dr. A.J. Travis, University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute of Nutritionand Health, Scotland (UK)


 “During the last four years the XtreemOS project has developed one of the most exciting pieces of IT software, available as open source. One big achievement is that users can port their applications to the XtreemOS API with a minimum effort, thus being able to run such applications on a Linux-based distributed platform, seamlessly accessing the underlying resources. This enables large opportunities for programmability in large distributed infrastructures.”

Dr Rosa M. Badia, Manager of the Grid computing and Clusters group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain & member of the XtreemOS scientific advisory committee


"XtreemOS offers elegant mechanims to seamlessly support Grid functionality on Linux, such as VO-customizable, dynamic mapping of Grid users onto local accounts. They provide low-overhead user and resource management for both Grid and Cloud computing applications."

Prof. Zhiwei Xu, Deputy director of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


“Working in the XtreemOS project was for me an exciting experience (…). Since the first intense and vibrant discussions on the basic ideas and concepts around XtreemOS, then before and during the proposal preparation, through the project until the delivery of the first XtreemOS public release, working with such a visionary, enthusiastic and motivated international group of people was great for me. Today, after 4 years from the beginning of the project, XtreemOS is a reality: an open, adaptive, interoperable, distributed, scalable and secure operating system useful for a plethora of devices from mobile PDAs to large cloud systems. I think that XtreemOS could be considered as one of the best successful projects funded by EC. What about the future of XtreemOS? XtreemOS is now in the phase to walk alone in order to reach a successful sustainability. (…)”

Dr. Domenico Laforenza, Director of the Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT), National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – XtreemOS Governing Board chair