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Last stable version

The last stable version is XtreemOS 3.0, released on February 2012. Here are the release notes to learn about the main changes since XtreemOS 2.1.

Fixes are made on a regular basis, remember to keep your system updated through packages updates.


XtreemOS is Open Source Software and is licensed under GPLv2 and BSD licenses. To get the code source, see below.

Disk images for virtual machines

Ready to use disk images for KVM or Virtualbox are available. Download them and set them up in your own system to run a three nodes XtreemOS grid.


XtreemOS is based on the OpenSuSE Linux distribution. To install XtreemOS, just follow their usual installation procedure, before setting XtreemOS repository and install needed packages. See wiki for more detailed instructions.

Access source code

Any anonymous can download the source code of most of XtreemOS software from the INRIA GForge Subversion repository:

Some software developed during XtreemOS project and still used aren't available in the SVN as they are made available elsewhere by their own support teams:


You can also get the source packages that include software sources and package specifications. Here is a simple example, getting cdaserver SRPM using OpenSUSE's package manager: zypper si cdaserver