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XtreemOS: new life after the end of the European project

After the end of the European project in December 2010, XtreemOS has entered an important stage in a global strategy to ensure the technology sustainability. Former project partners have decided to continue supporting XtreemOS by providing some human and technical resources. In this context, modules developers have committed to provide support for their components. Furthermore, two new engineers are now full-time working, in the framework of an INRIA Technological Development Action named "XtreemOS-Easy", on developing new tools and packaging the new releases.

It has been a while since that XtreemOS 3.0 has been announced as coming soon. In fact, when it has been tested, some communication bugs were discovered, hence, it was not officially released. Since this happened just at the end of the European project, new release strategy has been adopted to overcome the changes on the development and distribution infrastructure and to ensure sustainability and wider dissemination capability. It was decided that, instead of releasing XtreemOS as an ISO image, the release packages will be provided to be installed on standard distributions. Currently, packages for OpenSUSE are in the testing and validation stage. They can be tested by following this tutorial. Packages for other distributions will be provided in the future.

In parallel, new tools to facilitate the use of XtreemOS are being developed, such as an auto-deploy tool for Grid'5000 and another one for a network of machines. Meanwhile, support and documentation tasks are still provided through the mailing list, the IRC channel and the web site. The virtual machines images are updated regularly, and the open testbed is also maintained for tests and will be available for the community very soon.