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XtreemOS 3.0 coming soon!

The XtreemOS developers are putting the final touches on XtreemOS 3.0 that is expected to be release in early 2011. Building upon the refinements and features from the last 2.1.2 release, this new release will be a major upgrade with significant new functionality.


Included in this release will be new management and auditing capabilities, along with enhanced security policy enforcement and procedures.  In addition, the consortium has expended considerable efforts on ease of use and stability. There will be new graphical web-based tools for managing XtreemOS, along with and a new more advance Mobile device version. Lastly, this new version of XtreemOS will include a new version of Kerrighed clustering technology, which is based on a more modern and capable Linux kernel.


This latest release is the culmination of 4 years of research and development towards easing the use of grids for end users and administrators. The XtreemOS consortium is pleased to also open collaboration and development to outside contributors, for example by recently providing public access to their distributed test bed.


The XtreemOS developers recommend a clean install and both easy to use ISO installers and  ready to use Virtual Machines will be available very soon in the coming days.