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Here we demonstrate, on one hand, use-cases with applications running on top of XtreemOS, and on the other hand, how XtreemOS and some of its components work from the technical point of view.

Featured XtreemOS use-cases

The featured use-case demonstrations are intended as the first contact with XtreemOS for the majority of the audience. They show a selected few XtreemOS applications from various fields.


Wissenheim is a distributed interactive 3D virtual world for edutainment and entertainment. The game is started by each participant by using the XtreemOS xconsole. The application loads the persistent game state information by using the XtreemOS grid file system (XtreemFS.) Subsequently, the scene graph is transparently distributed and replicated by the XtreemOS Object Sharing Service (OSS). Avatar interactions and scene graph changes are synchronized through speculative transactions provided by the OSS. In case of severe errors the application relies on the grid checkpointing service (XtreemGCP).

XtreemOS-MD Grid Media Player

GPlayer is an application developed by Telefónica for smartphones within the XtreemOS-MD context. This mobile application is a mediaplayer that uses the GRID capabilities provided by XtreemOS to transcode any video to a more suitable format and/or size.

Sharing a smartphone's 3G connection

Xtreemos-MD provides the capability to share input-output resources of a smartphone, e.g. 3G access or GPS device, within the GRID. We show how a N900 shares its 3G connection, using a p2p secure connection, with a user authorized in the XtreemOS GRID.

More demos

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