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XtreemOS tutorial at EuroSys 2010

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In April 2010 XtreemOS will have a half-day tutorial at the EuroSys conference.

We'll present and demonstrate the main features of XtreemOS, reflecting the progress that has been made with the last release.

We are welcoming users and developers of distributed applications, and also Grid system administrators, to participate to this tutorial. The attendees will learn how to use XtreemOS for executing and developing complex applications, for storing distributed data and for managing virtual organizations in a simple way. We hope everybody will enjoy discovering XtreemOS!

The tutorial will be presented by: Corina Stratan (VUA), Massimo Coppola (CNR) and Guillaume Pierre (VUA).

More details on the conference web site:



XtreemOS videos on YouTube


Luscious Lebkuchen: XtreemFS 1.2 now available

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XtreemFS 1.2 ("Luscious Lebkuchen") is now available at

New features:
  • asynchronous MRC database backups (database dumps are created in the background)
  • new GRID SSL mode: SSL is used for authentication only, data is transferred via plain TCP for a better performance
  • Vivaldi-based replica selection and placement
  • MRC and OSD wait and retry for a configurable time span if they cannot reach the DIR on startup
  • faster file copying of files with 'cp' (by providing correct values for 'st_blksize' with 'getattr')
  • additional binaries with standard Unix names (mount.xtreemfs, mkfs.xtreemfs, lsfs.xtreemfs, rmfs.xtreemfs)
  • experimental Hadoop file system driver for XtreemFS
  • web-based admin console
We also fixed most of the bugs recorded in the tracker.


When upgrading your XtreemFS installation from 1.1 to 1.2, MRC and DIR databases should be converted automatically, without the need for human intervention. However, for safety reasons, we suggest to create an XML dump with the old release before updating; see "Updating" section in the XtreemFS FAQs (


XtreemOS is on Facebook! ;-)

XtreemOS has its own facebook page!

It's worth mentioning that this Facebook page was created by someone external to the project - what a good idea...and thank you! ;-)

Wanna join the XtreemOS group on Facebook?


XtreemOS at SuperComputing 2009

XtreemOS exhibited for the 3rd time this year at Supercomputing '09 in Portland, Oregon. Sharing the booth were consortium partners INRIA, CNR, VUA, ZIB and Kerlabs.

During the show, the new version 2.0 of XtreemOS was demoed (along with the latest version of Kerrighed using their cluster in a box). Interest from visitors ranged from university faculty interested in integrating XtreemOS in their teaching to other research institutions wishing to join future development.



Despite the economic crisis, there were not many signs of retrenchment in investment or research in HPC (high performance computing). A number of ambitious future projects were unveiled at Supercomputing, along with record numbers of visitors.

One other highlight from the show was the keynote from former U.S. Vice President AL Gore, who addressed the topic of how supercomputing can be used to harness solutions to global climate change science.

Already, space for SC '10 is nearly sold out, which portends another record breaking exhibition.


XtreemOS in the news

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XtreemOS 2.0 release announcement