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HPC center Pisa workshops: XtreemOS for providing HPC services

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The use of XtreemOS on top of Grid and Cloud computing resources will be the topic of the upcoming workshop "X-HPC, XtreemOS for providing HPC services", hosted at the Department of Computer Science by the new-born HPC center of the University of Pisa.

The HPC center of the University of Pisa experiments with the latest and bleeding edge technology in hardware and software, like GPGPU technologies on ATI and NVIDIAdevices, and has been nominated the first ACER HPC competence center in Europe.

The X-HPC workshop will be held in Pisa, on Wednesday 16 June, in the Gerace room at the Computer Science Department of the University. Several industrial partners of the XtreemOS consortium and of the HPC center, like Kerlabs and Ferrari Racing Division, will join the event to provide their unique expertise and viewpoint. The workshop will showcase the latest XtreemOS LINUX distribution, which is currently under testing and evaluation on top of a network of computing resources provided by the Pisa HPC center, by INRIA, the Aladdin/G5K project, CNR and several other partner institutions of the XtreemOS consortium across all Europe.