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XtreemFS update 1.2.1

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XtreemFS team has just released an update for XtreemFS (version 1.2.1). This version contains mainly bug fixes, e.g. for FreeBSD and Fedora 12, and enhanced replica management. The new scrubber will automatically replace failed replicas.

Source code and packages are available for download on

There is no change in the database or OSD storage, so an update from 1.2 should work out of the box. The usual advice: backup important data before upgrading.


Eurosys Doctoral Workshop - Deadline: February 14

The submission deadline for the Eurosys Doctoral Workshop is the 14th of February 2010. The workshop is co-located with Eurosys in Paris.

The web page is at

Here is a brief description from the organizers:

"The doctoral workshop, which will take place on the day before the main EuroSys 2010 program, will provide a forum for PhD students to present their work and receive constructive feedback from experts in the field as well as from peers. Technical presentations will be augmented with general advice and discussions about getting a PhD, doing research, and post-doctoral careers. We invite applications from PhD students at any stage of their doctoral studies, and plan to have about 30 attendees."



XtreemOS 2.1 out very soon!

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This release update will include:
  • Improved installer with a new xosautoconfig tool to greatly simply and automate installation of XtreemOS instances.
  • A number of high impact bug fixes, along with work on stability and correctness.
  • XtreemFS 1.2, which has a number of new features along with enhanced performance and stability
  • XtreemOS MD (Mobile Device) - This new version integrates XtreemOS on Internet Tablets, beginning with the Nokia N810. This makes it possible to launch jobs and interact with XtreemOS resources via a special client.
  • Virtual Nodes - a framework to provide fault tolerance for grid applications by replicating them over multiple nodes.
  • XOSSAGA - a set of technologies to allow you to run SAGA compliant  applications on top of XtreemOS unmodified.